Palmyra is a premium dry-fruit brand, which readily provides its consumers with unique, luxury products. The company was established in 2013 as a group project partnered by four young entrepreneurs of Swiss, Arabic, and Italian nationalities. The name “Palmyra” originates from an ancient city located in Syria which dates back to the Neolithic period and second millennium BC.Our story commences with our initiative to introduce superior dry fruits in the European market. We work specifically with the tasty and nutritious date fruit. This sweet and savory snack is considered the gem of the desert. Our dates are cultivated single-handedly from our private farm located in Saudi Arabia. Because the entire supply chain is in our hands, we are able to ensure the very best products.As an addition to dates, we have branched our products to the Mediterranean area. We are now producing gourmet edibles such as stuffed figs and apricots. This touch has added even more culture and diversity to our brand, and we are eager to continue to grow geographically as a company, which ensures regionally-rich delectables in Europe.

The Secret

Dates are among the revered, nutritious dried fruit that are symbolic of vitality and growth, with approximately 600 varieties in the world, today. Dates have Energy, Calcium, Vitamin, Fiber and Iron in abundance.


The first civilizations in History 5000 years ago used to cultivate and consume dates because of their nutritious values. The culture then spread from Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley to all the continents, and dates are still consumed in the world after thousands of years.


Nature, delights and top quality are our main values. We are committed to serve you with the luscious assortment of delectable oriental products made from dates - a fruit that is simply divine!




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