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Palmyra was established in 2013

Palmyra was established in 2013 in Switzerland as a group project by three young entrepreneurs with the aim to bring different varieties of best quality dates to the European market. In order to do that, we travel all over the world – from the Middle East to South Africa and California – to visit date farms and find the best varieties. Palmyra wants to give its customers the opportunity to try different sorts of dates and to find their personal favorites. As our assortment is too wide for retailers and supermarkets, we only offer our dates in our online store, so customers can appreciate the whole product range in one place. There are hundreds of date varieties in the world. A few are well-known, but most of the others you’ve probably never heard of. Dates are a great, versatile fruit, they’re an excellent energy source and a healthy, natural alternative to refined sugar. They’re easy to store and easy to carry with you as a healthy snack for whenever you feel you need an energy boost. In short, the perfect sweet treat. At Palmyra, we’re in love with our dates. Each variety has its own, unique taste and texture and everyone of us has their personal favorite (or two).

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