There are so many date varieties to choose from – and all are incredibly delicious! We know that choosing is hard, and that’s why we created the PALMYRA Sampler N16. This PALMYRA sampler package gives you the chance to try sixteen (!) different date varieties: Sukari, Sukari Soft, Sukari Cooking, Safawi, Mabroom, Khidri, Segai, Anbara, Ajwa, Medjool, Deglet Nour, Um Kabar, Mazafati, Bawalini, Astaka, and Barhi.


Sukari, Sukari Soft and Sukari Cooking – the royal dates – are of a rich brown colour with golden-yellowish tones and have a caramelised and fruity taste and a soft, silky aftertaste of honey. Originating in Al-Qasim, Saudi Arabia, these dates are a pure, delectable treat.

Safawi have a beautiful dark brown color. They are chewy and mildly soft with a deep flavor. Sweet but not too much, with a subtle taste that reminds of coffee.

Mabroom are deliciously sweet and sticky, with light red-bronze skin and a lingering toffee-like taste on the palate. They have a smooth and pleasant flavour but are much firmer than other date varieties. Some may even find them quite hard to chew. We think that candy-like texture is exactly what makes Mabroom special.

Khidri, the “tall, dark, and mysterious” dates, are largely known for their distinct deep chestnut red hue, uniform in colour. They have a light and flaky skin and sweet, chewy flesh reminiscent of raisins, are moderately sweet and have a warm, intense aftertaste.

Segai are medium sized, two-toned dates. Those juicy dates are soft while at the same time chewy and have a golden, slightly dry and crunchy base. This combination of different colors and textures makes it an absolutely delicious date. Segai are unconventional, tasty and unforgettably good!

Anbara are dark colored dates with a lightly structured skin. They’re juicy, soft and very aromatic. The flesh is tender yet almost slightly crispy. Anbara are quite big in size, but very light and not too sweet, which makes them a perfect snack any time of the day.

Ajwa dates are a distinctive variety from the Madinah region of Saudi Arabia. They have a unique round form and a deep crimson hue that is almost black. With its rich flavor and fine texture, this is a distinctly drier variety of date with a smooth, silky sweetness that melts in the mouth.

Medjool are very big in size. Their pulp is firm and juicy and their skin very thin. Medjool are chewy and deliciously sweet and taste a bit of caramel.

Deglet Nour are relatively big dates with a uniform brown color. Their skin is very thin, and they are soft but still crunchy. Deglet Nour have a very pleasant, sweet and fruity flavor and taste best cold, directly from the fridge.

Kabar have a chewy candy-like texture and a delicate flavor. They are only lightly sweet and are a delight at any time of the day.

Mazafati dates are juicy and sweet. Those wonderfully sugary dates melt in your mouth and are irresistible for everyone with a sweet tooth.

Bawalini are very juicy and sweet. Their skin is a bit crunchy and their pulp is extremely tender.

Astaka are big and round with soft pulp and crispy skin.  Their color ranges from dark yellow to brown. The brighter ones are more firm, fleshy, and crunchy, whereas the darker ones are much softer and creamy. Astaka are mild and silky in taste, not too sweet, and taste best ice cold.

Barhi are very soft, almost creamy, and practically melt in your mouth. Barhi are medium sweet and have a lingering delicious aftertaste of caramel.


PALMYRA Sampler N14 contains:

3 x 800g Palmyra Sukari (Chewy -Soft – Soft Pitted)
800g Palmyra Safawi Dates
800g Palmyra Mabroom Dates
800g Palmyra Khidri Dates
800g Palmyra Segai Dates
800g Palmyra Anbara Dates
800g Palmyra Ajwa Dates
800g Palmyra Medjool Dates
800g Palmyra Deglet Nour Dates
800g Palmyra Kabar Dates
800g Palmyra Mazafati Dates
800g Palmyra Bawalini Dates
800g Palmyra Astaka Dates
800g Palmyra Barhi Dates



How should dates be stored and what’s the recommended serving temperature for dates?

Dates should always be stored in an airtight container so they don’t get dry. We recommend keeping the dates in the freezer whenever possible.


Soft dates (like Bawalini, Astaka, Barhi Sukari Soft)

Always keep them cold, if possible, in the freezer.

Eat them cold from the fridge or the freezer. They taste great when frozen!


Medium soft dates (like Medjool, Anbara, Sukari Chewy)

– Up to 5 months: Store them in the fridge
– 5- 12 months: Store them in the freezer

Eat them cold from the fridge or at room temperature.


Hard/chewy dates (like Mabroom, Kabar, Ajwa)

– Up to 1 month: You can store them at room temperature
– Up to 5 months: Store them in the fridge
– 5- 12 months: Store the dates in the freezer

They taste best at room temperature.

Additional information

Weight9 kg
Dimensions23 × 14 × 36 cm
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